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If your home or place of business is in need of a new roof or you're in the process of building, it's time to consider a standing seam metal roof. This efficient, easy to install metal roof is durable, attractive and virtually maintenance free. Click link below for more information.


A quick look will show that the number of metal roofs used to construct new homes and businesses, in Pennsylvania, is on the rise. This year alone, hundreds, if not thousands, of home owners and businesses will replace their old conventional roofs with a metal one. With all of the possible sales, now is the time to add metal roofing to your company's portfolio. Click link below for more information.


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With 20+ years of roofing experience you can be assured that Erie Custom Metal Roofing will provide premium products and quality service. Whether your are a home or business owner, contractor or a do it yourself person, we look forward to helping you during the entire process.